1I just attended a Friends Giving Dinner hosted by two amazing women and members of my weekly Network Group to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.With over forty people in attendance, we all chipped in making or baking everything you can imagine would be at a festive Thanksgiving dinner.

From the turkey and stuffing down to the cornbread and cranberry sauce, it was completely decadent and abundant. And the desserts were more of the same. Sheer delight and perfection.

The room was decorated in all the Harvest colors. As we drank wine, relaxed, ate and celebrated, we reminisced about the year we will leave behind, and I couldn’t feel more grateful to be a part and witness to the loving energy that filled this room.

As we stood up, one by one, to share what we feel grateful for, I got a glimpse into the hearts and souls of each person there and was in awe of the beauty that surrounded me. We were all focused on everything in our lives, including each other, that made our lives special. I had to ask myself the obvious question.

2What if every day was Thanksgiving?

What if we declared that every day was the day to count our blessings and to look for what’s good instead of what’s missing and just celebrate? What would our relationships be like and what would the world reflect if Thanksgiving, a holiday that’s celebrated once a year could become a daily practice?What if the kindness and gratitude that we see in each other during this holiday season was a daily ritual that we all committed to?What if at the end of each day we showed appreciation to our families and loved ones and knew we could depend on them for continuous support?

Well, I think the answer is obvious. Don’t you?

If every day was Thanksgiving we’d always be Giving Thanks and so we wouldn’t have to remind ourselves to be grateful because we’d be too busy loving and being loved.