Eve’s first book,  “Your Happy Life Realized – How to Stop Putting Others First and Yourself Last NOW!” was released in December 2018.

Her second book, Be Selfish, Eat Well, Serve Many: Taking the Path to Your Happiest Life!” was released in November 2019.

Her latest book, “I Don’t Want to Take Care of My Mother: How to Forgive the Woman Who Neglected YOU!” was released in April 2020.

And her fourth and forthcoming book, “My Dearest Self, I Forgive You” will be released in fall 2023.

    • Do you avoid conflict because you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or make them angry?
    • Do you constantly put your own wants on hold to take care of others?
    • Have you hidden your insecurities by becoming the go-to person that helps everyone out?
    • Do you stop yourself from expressing what you truly want and hold the bitterness and resentment inside instead?
    • Are you in relationships right now with people who have hurt and betrayed you because you’re afraid of being alone?

    If so, this book is for you.

    As an avid People Pleaser for decades, Author Eve Rosenberg dispels the myths that keep us bound to please others to the detriment of our bodies, souls, and spirits.  As someone who chased love and acceptance through the opinions and accolades of others, she knows what it’s like to feel lonely, unworthy, and lost…to have a life unrealized, filled with toxic, inauthentic relationships. She also knows with certainty that despite what we have lived through, there’s hope, renewal, and joy available whenever we’re ready to claim it.  She has realized her Happy Life and you can too!

    Inside this book, you’ll discover how to

    • Easily say “no” when you want and need to
    • Confidently and effectively ask for what you want
    • Speak up more freely in all your relationships
    • Eliminate feelings of guilt, anxiety, and worry about what others will think
    • Reclaim your life and find your true purpose

    It’s not too late to choose ourselves and serve the world in our unique way. Life can become extraordinary when you choose you instead of lose you.

    Eve Rosenberg

    If you think it’s wrong to be selfish, THINK AGAIN!

    If we want to live a happy, full life and serve others in the process, it’s up to us to make it happen. This requires us to acknowledge OUR needs and desires and take action on OUR behalf. We must take care of ourselves first for we can’t give away that which we don’t have to give.

    When we fill ourselves up, there’s an ample supply of kindness, generosity, and desire to serve others. We can achieve the deeper meaning of human connection and personal purpose we all seek to attain.

    Author and Life Coach, Eve Rosenberg, knows firsthand that sacrificing ourselves on behalf of another is not the noble path we have been led to believe. Depriving ourselves of what we need and want, not only creates resentment and animosity in relationships, it limits our potential to grow and share our gifts with the world.  An even greater tragedy is that we lose our passion for life and love.

    In this fictional story of a woman named Janice, a character who could be any one of us, the reader is taken on a journey of life’s big questions. As Janice searches for her truth, she learns lessons along the way from paying attention to how others live and how they attract joy and peace into their lives. This inspires her to live a bigger, bolder life and to ride the Wheel of Opportunity she once thought was a proverbial, endless circling to nowhere. With faith, hope and optimism, Janice chooses the life that speaks to her heart and that allows her to give back to the world.

    Sometimes the best way to learn and take away wisdom that’s sure to stick is to read a memorable story that delivers a profound meaning.

    - Eve Rosenberg

    When you think about your mother:

    • Do you blame her for neglecting you as a child?
    • Do you hold her responsible for your low self-esteem?
    • Do you feel diminished after spending time with her?
    • Do you do things out of obligation; to avoid being called the bad daughter/son?
    • Are you afraid to admit, even to yourself, that you don’t like her?
    • Do you feel you deserve an apology you know will never come?
    • Do you cringe when people say you look alike?
    • Do you wish you had a better or different mother?

    If, when you think about your mother, you want to be free of the guilt, shame, and resentment that takes away your peace and joy, this book is for you.

    When faced with the decision to move close to her elderly, ailing mother, Eve Rosenberg was terrified, conflicted, and angry. She blamed her mother for everything that was wrong in her life believing, “If I only had a different mother, what I could have become. . . ”

    Desperate and determined to create a happy life for herself while dealing with her mother’s challenges, Eve carved a path for herself that led to not only forgiving her mother but to bonding with her and falling in love with her shortly before her mother died.

    Grateful for this experience, Eve attributes the joy and peace she now feels, to her decision to surrender to what she’d resisted for years: facing the strong dislike she had for her mother and choosing to change and forgive.

    Eve could finally see her mother for who she truly was—a fragile woman with a traumatic past—which made mothering her children impossible. With her heart now open, Eve could release the guilt and shame she carried,  believing she was a bad daughter who wasn’t worthy of love and good fortune in life.

    Inside this book, you’ll discover how to:

    • Get real with your feelings and own your anger.
    • Let go of the resentment you hold toward your mother that blocks your joy.
    • Stop using your mother as the excuse for not pursuing your dreams.
    • Forgive your mother and yourself.
    • Honor your mother by living YOUR best life.

    I don’t know where I would be today, if I didn’t look within myself and heal the wounds that kept me in a constant state of fear and feeling empty. My journey inward, took me to my heart and soul, which paved the pathway to my passion. Today, I love my life and I love myself. My relationships with others are thriving and I experience more love in my life each day.

    - Eve Rosenberg

    My Dearest Self, I Forgive You
    My Dearest Self, I Forgive You, is a compilation of thought-provoking messages, a page at a time, with accompanying proactive steps that support self-forgiveness. It is an urgent call to action for anyone who is yearning to live their truth, be themselves and take charge of their life now.


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