Eve Rosenberg is the Founder of Lessons Learned in Love Coaching, How to Believe In You, and People Pleasers Reform Academy.

As an Integrative Life Coach, Eve compassionately supports people to step into their lives with both feet and create relationships that are joyful and intimate with themselves and others. In addition to being trained as a Master Coach by the late, Debbie Ford and the Ford Institute for Transformational Training, Eve holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology/Psychology and certification as a Holistic Health and Wellness Counselor.

Eve’s first book,  “Your Happy Life Realized – How to Stop Putting Others First and Yourself Last NOW!” was released in December 2018. Her second book, “Be Selfish, Eat Well, Serve Many: Taking the Path to Your Happiest Life!” was released in November 2019. And her latest book, “I Don’t Want to Take Care of My Mother: How to Forgive the Woman Who Neglected YOU!” was released in April 2020. Her fourth and forthcoming book, “Nice Guy, Not So Nice – How to Turn Heartache into Wisdom and Get the Love You Want” will be released sometime in fall/winter 2021.

I don’t know where I would be today, if I didn’t look within myself and heal the wounds that kept me in a constant state of fear and feeling empty. My journey inward, took me to my heart and soul, which paved the pathway to my passion. Today, I love my life and I love myself. My relationships with others are thriving and I experience more love in my life each day.

Eve Rosenberg

As an avid People Pleaser for decades, Eve dispels the myths that keep us bound to please others to the detriment of our bodies, souls and spirits. This has a direct impact on our toxic relationships and the lack of bonding with ourselves. Learn about the dangers of People Pleasing and how to stop for good.

Along with a background in sociology, psychology, nutrition and emotional wellness coaching, Eve has experienced more than one devastating divorce. “It’s our unconscious beliefs about ourselves and our inner wounds that drive our choices”, she says. “Our insecurities attract people and experiences that tap into these wounds and bring them to the surface, which is an opportunity to heal”. Everything makes sense, once we have the tools to see things in a new light and we can recognize the lessons that we didn’t get at the time. We understand on a deeper level, that all our experiences are in our lives for a reason. Then, we are able to receive this newfound wisdom and use it to build the life and love we do want. It’s very powerful!



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