Within every relationship lies the wisdom and potential to emotionally heal old wounds; an opportunity to grow and live an expanded life, filled with love and happiness, passion and purpose. The first and most important step in this process is to heal your heart, so that you can make peace with the past, and move on toward living a full life, attracting new healthy, joyful, sustainable love.

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Attract the Love You Desire

I invite you to take this journey of self-discovery and come out the other side, empowered, inspired and ready to create the life and love you’ve always wanted and deserve …

It’s time to heal your heart and learn to love again.

Because you’re the only person you can’t see, there’s likely things you do that sabotage your progress and take you farther away from the feelings and experiences you want to have. It’s time to look at the common denominator of all your experiences, which is YOU and shift from being the victim to the powerful, responsible co-creator of all your relationships. When you examine and explore the relationship with your ex, and shift your lens of perception to see things differently, you become aware and clear of what happened in the relationship and your part in it. With this newfound powerful wisdom, you can then leave the past where it belongs, in the past! This process is also powerful in emotionally broken relationships and can turn your relationship into one of intimacy and harmony. Highly recommended for those who are ambivalent about whether to stay or leave a relationship.



Heal Your Heart Coaching/Spiritual Divorce Coaching is designed by the late, Debbie Ford, Best-selling Author, Seminar Leader and Founder of The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, and her staff. It is a proven effective process that leads to personal transformation. It is based on her books, Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions. This work is about healing your heart through broken relationships and using your pain and experience as a catalyst to build an extraordinary life.