As an Emotional Wellness Coach supporting women to create the relationships they desire in life and more important, being a woman myself, who has eluded healthy love for decades, I finally get that I was missing some very vital guidance, information and tools that could have saved me a lot of grief and despair.

You win some, you lose some. Just the same, I am grateful to have embarked on the rocky journey that led me to the truth, because I get to share it with you. “YOU” being women who desire to create meaningful love in your life.

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe in it or not, we are creating our reality each moment of every day by what we think about and believe in deeply about ourselves and who we are. All the relationships in our lives are positioned to reflect that truth back to us and to create experiences that match what we believe we deserve. Ouch!!!

If you want to attract healthy love into your life then please read on, because I’m offering you a short cut to meeting Mr. Right.

affection-1853650_640First, let’s talk about who Mr. Right is. Most women I’ve talked to describe him as the healthy, joyful, intimately connected partner they forever seek and dream about.
Personally, I believe he’s the Right guy with the Right lesson at the Right time. Mr. Amazing would better describe what most people call Mr. Right, but for all intents and purposes, let’s consider Mr. Right to be the partner we most desire that beholds the qualities we most value and hold close to our heart.

So, why, after all the time, effort, energy, money, frustration, angst and heartache have you not met him yet?

If you’re like many women you’re making the number one major mistake women make after ending a dissatisfying relationship. When another one bites the dust, before that dust can even settle, you wipe away your tears, tell all your girlfriends there will be no impending nuptials, and get back to surfing your favorite dating site. You’ve just taken the first hundred steps back toward meeting Mr. Right.

The truth is you’ve ditched Mr. Right for something more immediate, something you can put your arms around right now, you start dating Mr. Next. And, can Mr. Next put the brakes on your chances of meeting Mr. Right???? YES!!!!!!!!!!

car-1967698_640Mr. Next is the rebound guy to help you get over the relationship you just left that didn’t lead to happily ever after. And what doesn’t occur to you is that you have just set yourself up for another disaster, because even if you end up marrying Mr. Next, which happens, you’ll soon discover that he doesn’t make you happy either and you’re left wondering where it all went so wrong. I’ve coached a lot of these women and believe me, they’re confused.

Four decades ago, I experienced a relationship breakup when I discovered my boyfriend was unfaithful and it broke my heart. I ran so fast and far from the pain and replaced him too, a week later with someone I barely knew. I embarked upon a destructive path of trading one addiction for another in order to distract myself from facing the truth, that all of my relationships were a disaster, especially the one with myself. I sought therapy, but it just kept me stuck in the pain instead of proactively supporting me to move on and predictably I experienced three devastating divorces. Fortunately, I sought different avenues of support which led me to profound healing and today I am thriving. It was a long road for me. It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

As much as we would like to avoid our pain and disappointment, this is not an option. If we don’t heal what’s left unhealed and deal with it, it will deal with us in many dissatisfying ways, including illness. The great news is that today there are so many options and avenues of support. The Dalai Lama once said, “Pain is inevitable suffering is optional.”

Remember what I said early on about who we attract??? We attract what we believe we deserve. If our confidence and self-esteem is low and we don’t have a strong, healthy self-image, we will attract people who treat us poorly because that’s how we feel about ourselves. Even the best of facades are seen through very quickly. Even if you get fillers at your local Dermatologist to turn up the corners of your mouth, the truth is, you’re not happy and you’re not confident. You will be exposed for how you see yourself and then others will agree with you. It won’t be long before you buy into the notion that you are just plain unlovable.

What does every woman who believes she’s unlovable have in common? She actually becomes guarded, defensive and unapproachable…….aka……..UNLOVING and scares men away!! This is not a way to call in love this is a tactic that will push it away every time.

ace-1822466_640Mr. Right is attracted to confident women, women who love themselves and carry themselves with an air of importance and purpose. These women become magnetically attractive to amazing men because amazing men feel great about themselves too. That’s what they’re looking for. It’s a perfect match.

Instead of getting back out there after a breakup, make the wise decision to take a breather and learn about yourself, why you attracted your past relationships in the first place and how next time around it will be different, because you will choose higher and better choices for you and your future love life.

You can download my FREE GIFT of recommended resources that will support you in healing on the top of the Home Page on my website and learn more about the 13 week Healing Your Heart Coaching Process that will support you in healing a past love, so you can get back out there and attract joyful, intimate relationships.

Healthy love is available and attainable to all. It’s time to discover the love you’ve always wanted. You deserve it.