I remember so clearly, year after year, lifting another glass of champagne, making a toast to the New Year. It was another fancy New York spot, dining with friends all decked out, awaiting the stroke of midnight.

I was sure this year was the year. The year that held the promise of happiness, love, success, all the things I yearned for, waited for, prayed for. “This year will be different”, I told myself, never once making the connection that year after year came the same promise, a promise that never surfaced. I remember so clearly the lump in my throat, the teary eyes, the lies I told myself as the New Year cheer rang out, as I kissed my husband and hugged my friends. They too were lost and empty. You could see the age on their faces and the sadness in their eyes. We all drank over it, did drugs over it and fell into that safe place of resignation that we were happy, right?

The years came and went, friends and husbands did too. I grew older and more disillusioned, angry and empty. Nothing changed, not really. Okay, maybe they got worse, but all in all, my life continued its journey on that merry-go-round to nowhere. After two childless marriages, years of job dissatisfaction and a bout of panic attacks and general anxiety disorder, I decided that something had to change. And that change needed to come from me!

This was the beginning of my transformation. This is the time I stopped hoping and wishing and started my healing journey. I went within myself and faced my pain. I stopped running away from the darkness that consumed me and confronted my issues head on!! And I am here now on the other side to tell you, with absolute certainty, that this is the only path that will lead you to your hearts desires! It is only when you can accept and love yourself for all of who you are, that you will create a life you love and you will attract all that you wish for.

So, what’s going to be different about this year?

NOTHING! You don’t need a crystal ball. Just close your eyes and see yourself 5,10,15 years into the future. If you don’t make the changes and face your issues head on, you will be living the life you’re living right now. That’s guaranteed. The faces may change, but the relationships will be the same. The weight will still be there. You’ll still be complaining about the job you hate and how your parents screwed you up. Nothing will change. Okay, things may get worse. And if that isn’t scary enough, imagine yourself on your death bed realizing you never really knew yourself or your life’s purpose.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to make this year the most pivotal year of your life and start living the life you desire. Call me for a free consultation on how HEALING YOUR HEART, an amazing 13 week coaching process will create the life you desire.  Now is the time!!